We Are Authentic

[ Forged by competition, sustained through excellence ]

After serving his country as a Naval Officer, Bytelion founder Terrance MacGregor pursued
his primary passion, software development and entrepreneurship. In 2005, he first assumed
an influential engineering role at AT&T, but yearned to be at the top of his field
and sought out international competition as a way to prove himself.


Excellence through

Terry took part in several competitions and eventually ran software competitions
solving some of the world’s most difficult problems at TopCoder.com.

During this time, he learned how to effectively work in high speed, highly
competitive scenarios.  Terrance was able to discern quality and passionate
engineers driven to be the best in their field. After working with the top
competitors in the world, Bytelion built relationships to withstand the test of
time and the challenges of industry. It was here that Pablo Wolfus, the CTO at
Bytelion joined the team.

Sustaining Engineering

After competing internationally, the Bytelion Team set out to build products
for startup companies. The team embraced key technologies like AWS and
others to deliver faster and better solutions than anyone else in the world.
Bytelion has delivered on value with startups from NYC to Washington DC.
With an impressive engineering force, they took pride in knowing that we have
built our brand by consistently delivering the right software with
minimal overhead.



The Eye of the Beholder.

In 2014, Bytelion fully embraced the value of design and aesthetics in our
interfaces as key elements to our clients’ solution deliverables.  Working with
some of the best UI designers in the world, we have developed compelling
applications that are being used by Fortune 100 companies, focusing on
aesthetics and user experience as well as functionality.

Providing deeper value.

Today, products that we have built are deployed across many business
verticals,  solving real-world business  problems. While we value aesthetics,
speed, and problem solving, we also believe that we have a duty to help our
clients market their application to the world.  Catherine Shoup, an award
winning international marketer,  has joined our team as the head of marketing
to ensure that our partner’s products are not just deployed, but seen and
heard by those that need it most.



Watching the Landscape.

In the best possible way, Bytelion is determined to know our clients’ industry.
We pride ourselves with our ability to make industry relevant recommendations.
We value our ability to see the world through the lens of your company.