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May 2013

Message To Garcia For Software Engineers

By Leadership

If you have not read Message to Garcia, it is well worth it.  The essay is just as applicable in 1899 as it is now in 2013.

When people think of the skills needed to be excellent software engineers, they often sight things like intelligence, education, and experience.  While these are all important things, they are secondary attributes.  The most important attributes however are integrity, moral strength, and grit.  A small team of people with these attributes are virtually unstoppable.

Writing software requires developers to push through difficult obstacles in order to complete work.  Instead of  jungles, software engineers face problems such as complex integration issues,  policy, and system opaqueness.  Having integrity, moral strength and grit are required to push through these issues.

Bytelion developers and teams are chosen based on their ability to start tasks and not stop until the task is complete.  We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our message to Garcia.

The next time you have something to do, put it in terms of “Message to Garcia” and see what you can accomplish.