3 of the best ways to drive culture to your agile team

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As a Project Manager at Bytelion, I am working at the intersection of software development and team culture. I am so passionate about ensuring success to my teams. You have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on your team…for good or bad. Here are the top three ways you can be a cheerleader for your team as a Project or Product Manager:


Team Bonding Events / Team Lunches:

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a foodie. Weekly team lunches are a huge way to increase team culture! Not only does it get the team out of the office, but your team feels appreciated. Free food is always an awesome way to show your teammates that you appreciate them. 

Here I am making chicken five different ways at Baltimore Chef Shop in Hampden. Yes, I love food!

One of the best teams I led was when we went out for lunch together basically for the whole duration of the project. Our team of developers, quality assurance engineers, and UX/UI designers had such a great time catching up on everything to our top TV shows to our favorite kind of potato. 

Team bonding events are an awesome way to celebrate wins, as well. If you accomplished something big, go out with the team and celebrate! The Bytelion team is always a fan of duck pin bowling, cornhole and rock climbing. Taking your team out on the road for an afternoon or evening of fun builds team chemistry; this ultimately boosts performance. 

Our Digital Marketing Strategist and our Software QA Lead tear down the pins!

Another team bonding event is volunteering. If your team is all passionate about one thing, then go enjoy them TOGETHER. Supporting causes that directly relate to the project is even better. You can serve your community as a unit.


Professional Development:

The best thing you can do as a Project Manager is tell your team “I am here to support you.” It is a best practice to meet with everyone on your team and come up with an individual growth map. As the Project or Product Manager, you want to take the time to understand your team’s professional goals for career advancement and for the project. 

Investing in training for a LMS system for your team is vital. You should always be thinking about “how can my team add even more value?” With proper training, which can be internal or external, you can learn as one. At Bytelion, as aforementioned, we use an internal proprietary LMS accompanied with external training on certain subjects. 

As a Project Manager, you are on the front lines of your team, the product, and the client. You know the saying, the team makes the dream! Make the investment in getting to know your team on a personal level results in a huge payoff. 


Don’t slack on Slack:

One of Bytelion’s cornerstones is being active on Slack. From the first day, a new member is brought into the team, they take Bytelion’s proprietary learning management system (LMS) course on our Slack culture…yes, Slack culture and mannerisms are super important. Without spilling the beans too much, our Slack manifesto revolves around transparency. 

As a Project or Product Manager, things may not always go your way. There may be that one bug that is preventing the software to function correctly. Instead of masking it, use your teammates. Slack promotes an open line of communication. 

While this may seem like a small feat to post “still haven’t been able to resolve JIRA ticket ABC-123 because XYZ” it adds to your team’s culture of honesty. The best kind of Slack channel is when everyone is posting and commenting. Always remember to say “good morning” when starting a days worth of work or “signing off for the day” when you’re heading home. Extra brownie points for posting funny Giphys. 

You know that little Slack ding notification? It is music to my ears. A happy Slack makes you want to come back and continue awesome progress!


Come Join Us:

Bytelion is a people company. We value our people and our culture very heavily. Come join our team as an Agile Product Owner Lead! 

As an Agile Product Owner Lead, you are will lead your own software project and bring it to fruition using some of these key team culture techniques aforementioned. Plus, you will be able to lead a team of project managers acting as a coach and mentor.

We don’t “byte”, so come join our awesome team culture!