A Single Page App (SPA) is a type of web application for fast, responsive, and easy-to-maintain websites. This can benefit any entrepreneur who needs to develop a fast website for their clients. A SPA loads a single file and builds on that singular file as the user traverses your site. 

What does this mean for you?

Faster and more efficient applications compared to traditional websites.
How is this possible? Well, for most traditional websites, whole pages are loaded and reloaded continuously which causes a slow, frustrating user experience and also places unnecessary strain on your server. SPAs quickly solve this problem by only loading small entities of a web page at a time. By utilizing a SPA, you are essentially decreasing the server load and increasing site speed for a better user experience. This blog article discusses the time loading difference between traditional web applications and Single Page Applications with Angular JS.
singular page app

An example of technology used to build single page applications is AngularJS which is a Front-End Javascript Framework. Think of AngularJS as the scaffolding that surrounds your new website. Preferhired is an example of a single page app


It provides the fast and efficient functionality that gives your website the edge over outdated web page development.

singular page app

Web Applications

The term “Web Application” may confuse some and with good reason. When the average person hears the term “app,” they usually think of phone apps. This is a common misconception that comes with web applications. Gmail is one of the most commonly used and well-known web apps, but most wouldn’t know it’s a single page web application built with AngularJS. Single page apps are becoming the new standard for the modern web. Using these practices increases the efficiency of development by ensuring you write less code that does more. This not only increases development but more importantly, improves your user’s experience while they use your website.

Single Page Apps and SEO

Nothing is flawless, and single-page-apps are no exception to that rule. These types of web applications aren’t known for being the most friendly to search engines. The “single page” aspect of the site causes search engines to do a little more work and requires a helping hand before they can grab what you need them to. But no need to worry; though right out of the box SPAs are not favored for SEO, they are still configurable to do just that. All it takes is a little finesse on our end, and you’ll be at the top of Google search results in no time.

The result?

Website users will attest to a flawless and efficient user experience which leads to higher user retention and contributes to your business’ success. Here are a couple of our favorite single page applications: https://everylastdrop.co.uk;  https://www.panarama.fr/ ; https://www.officeline.se/kampanj/  For further reading, this article goes into depth about the advantages of SPAs.