Our Brilliant Bytelion Interns: 4 Maryland Students who have blown us away

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Investing in Carroll County’s technical workforce is an essential component of Bytelion’s strategy to attract the best employees. It has been a privilege to work with incredibly talented students from Carroll County. The students are from McDaniel College, Carroll Community College, The Carroll Technology Center, and local high schools including Manchester Valley and South Carroll High School. To foster such talent, our experienced, full-time employees, worked as mentors to guide and oversee their development. In every department, we utilized our intern’s skills. From strategizing client brands with our team’s top designers to generating code with our software engineers, they have done it all. Our staff has admired the energy, confidence, and novelty that the interns have brought to the office, and we are proud to share their experiences with you. 

Stephen White at MAGIC'S Capture the Flag Event

Stephen White at MAGIC’S Capture the Flag Event

Flourishing in Frontend Development

Stephen White attends South Carroll High School.  He first heard about Bytelion through the MAGIC Hackathon Weekend. Stephen worked with Christopher Poe, an AngularJS Web Developer, on Frontend development projects. Stephen says that he “gained invaluable work experience” from his internship at Bytelion, adding that he now “knows what it is like to work in a digital firm.” During his time, he has learned in detail the concepts and basics of working in an agile development environment, contributing to sprints, daily scrums, and sprint-based meetings, which he was foreign to before his time at Bytelion. One of Stephen’s favorite parts of the internship was having a mentor. He emphasized how the opportunity to talk to an expert was unlike anything he had before; it was beneficial. Stephen aspires to continue this partnership as he pursues a career in software development after college.


From Intern to Full-Time Employee

Before starting her final semester at McDaniel College, Kathleen Biddinger began her internship at Bytelion. After a couple of weeks of exploring the company, and helping various departments, she quickly discovered her niche: Quality Assurance.  Kathleen performed regression testing for Preferhired with her mentor, Mark Majer. During her internship, she supported Data work and dabbled in design and marketing. She was offered full-time employment with a role in QA after graduating from McDaniel College with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. Kathleen thanks Bytelion for the opportunity to progress her skills, “I can now write automated tests using Python and Selenium!” Kathleen loves working at Bytelion: “the team is comprised of supportive and motivated people, but what I love the most is how funny they are. At Bytelion, I feel like I am valued for my work, and Terry genuinely wants his employees to succeed.”

Kathleen also wrote her first blog for Bytelion about Quality Assurance check it out here!


Blogging for Backend Development

Nick Sica is currently a high schooler at Manchester Valley High School. He discovered Bytelion through a career coordinator at the Carroll County Career and Tech Center. He remarked, “What I liked most was that I learned a lot. It isn’t just a ‘go and get coffee for everyone’ type of internship. You work with your mentor on a team on real projects. You learn a lot as an intern at Bytelion.” His mentor Ryan Dagit, a Backend API developer, was there to answer all of Nick’s questions and guide him through the internship. In addition, Nick also wrote a blog about Backend development on our website, be sure to check it out here!

Kristen Vogel (Second from Right)

Kristen Vogel (Second from Right)

Designing their path

Kristen Vogel (second from the right) is an intern from Carroll Community College. She spoke fondly about her time at Bytelion: “I feel that I am much more fluid between Illustrator and Photoshop after my time at Bytelion.” Kristen learned about the internship opportunity through a Bytelion employee, at the Carroll County MAGIC Hackathon Weekend. Kristen explained that the course provided a glimpse into the professional world, gaining experience from attending meetings with clients to operating productivity software effectively. Her mentor Halie Wickiser, Bytelion’s UX/UI designer, said, “working with Kristen was always a positive experience. We were able to work side by side on a daily basis discussing, analyzing, and composing designs and ideas for various projects.” Kristen said to date: “It was one of the best collaborative experiences I’ve had.”

Final Thoughts:

Providing high-quality experiences for young professionals in Carroll County, MD is a critical component of our hiring strategy.  Teaming up with local organizations such as The Carroll Technology Council and MAGIC have been fundamental to our success and getting our message into the community. As our Internship program grows, we are always searching for talented students to work with us. We believe by investing in locally,  Bytelion can support tech growth and provide opportunities for students in (and surrounding) Carroll County. Educating our interns about our company can help them gain the necessary skills they need to pursue a career.

Contact Us!

Interested in interning at a fast paced software company? We have several opportunities for engineers, product managers, testers, and designers available.  Please contact us at

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