One year ago this month, Preferhired emerged as an innovative candidate referral marketplace with a mission of focusing on job happiness and aligning employees with companies that share the same values.

Our journey with Preferhired started with a focused collaborative approach and their end goal in mind – provide the means for organization’s to find amazing talent, the vehicle for like-minded individuals to refer friends and colleagues to dream jobs, and the reward for doing it.

Through initial conversations and whiteboarding sessions, it was apparent that what we were embarking on was something much larger than a recruiting application solving one problem, for one segment. The Bytelion team was eager to jump in and work alongside human resource and talent acquisition industry veterans to build a scalable software solution focusing on the end user, the customer, the candidate, and in many cases, the employee making the applicant referral.

A whirlwind of a year post-launch, the Preferhired platform has grown to an enterprise solution offering seamless monitoring and automated processing capabilities of market-leading human capital technology giants. The Bytelion team proudly stands behind the modern referral technology of intelligence services we’ve developed that enables companies to effectively recruit new talent and increase employee engagement.

To date, multiple integrations with social networking sites and leading global HR technology solution providers, like Workable, have been implemented. Natural language processing techniques have been utilized, along with the development of complex multilevel payment systems, and the deployment of highly-scalable web services.

About Bytelion: Founded in 2011, Bytelion ( is a leading provider of software development services for innovative firms who need to design, build, and deploy new solutions, attract early adopters and gain market share. Bytelion is growing quickly by expanding its software, natural language processing capabilities, data science teams, and applying technology to a variety of cross-domain disciplines.

About Preferhired: Preferhired is committed to making recruiting personal again and is empowering employers in the process. When armed with Preferhired’s unique solutions, organizations have the tools and expertise they need to make smarter business decisions. Their powerful referral recruiting software allows organizations to reward referral awards at multiple stages during the hiring process, even allowing outside contributors to cash in on the fun! With real-time feedback and user-friendly interaction capabilities, Preferhired’s online candidate referral platform transforms outdated, in-house employee referral programs into high-impact sourcing machines suited for today’s dynamic workforce. With the use of the Preferhired referral platform, employers experience a deeper reach, attracting diverse, top performing talent in record time, all while yielding increased employee engagement and higher business efficiencies. To learn more and request a free demo, visit