About ByteLion

We are a company forged from creativity, honesty and grit


Being a part of ByteLion means being a part of an agile team. We thrive on change and will tackle any challenge in front of us. Our team members wear lots of hats to overcome roadblocks and we love learning new technology, techniques, and skills to meet our client’s goals. The culture is founded on creativity, honesty, and grit.
Through those core values, we are able to work closely in sync with our clients and team members to build products that can take on any business challenge.
When we are not solving problems for clients, the Bytelion team can be found having company-wide video game tournaments, rock climbing, or enjoying a happy hour.

Leadership team

CEO + Founder

Terrance MacGregor

Terry MacGregor, Founder, has an undergraduate and a masters degree in Computer Science, along with over a decade developing and leading large-scale software engineering projects ranging from start-up technology companies to developing analytics engines for the Intelligence Community. Before becoming a software engineer, Terry led military teams on special intelligence missions through the National Security Agency upon graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy.

Mike McSally

Mike is currently responsible for the overall day to day operations for Bytelion. His hands on approach ensures that he is engaged with client relationships, sales and delivery. Prior to joining Bytelion Mike spent 27 years with Allegis Group - a professional services firm within the Human Capital industry. During his tenure with Allegis, he held several executive roles and was a part of the companies tremendous growth (50M to 14B)
Mike is a Connecticut native who moved to Maryland in 98. He currently resides in Howard County, MD. He has also served on the board of Boys Hope Girls Hope - Baltimore for the past 11 years.
Head of Product

Emily Judge

Emily is responsible for bringing ByteLion’s products to fruition – from customer vision to delivered solutions. Her approach leverages expertise in technical project management, agile methodologies, and leadership of cross-functional teams.
Prior to joining ByteLion, Emily has been instrumental in the rapid growth of software product companies supporting business development, sales, marketing, product strategy, and partner relations. She is also adept at translating customer requirements into user stories and has served as scrum master for agile development teams domestically and overseas. Emily earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Furman University, and an Agile Specialization certification from the University of Virginia.

Our story

After serving his country as a Naval Officer, Bytelion founder Terrance MacGregor pursued his primary passion, software development and entrepreneurship. In 2005, he first assumed an influential engineering role at AT&T, but yearned to be at the top of his field and sought out international competition as a way to prove himself.

Terry took part in several competitions and eventually ran software competitions solving some of the world’s most difficult problems at TopCoder.com. During this time, he learned how to effectively work in high speed, highly competitive scenarios. After working with the top competitors in the world, Bytelion built relationships to withstand the test of time and the challenges of industry.

After competing internationally, the Bytelion Team helped young companies build products to compete in the world. The team embraced key technologies like AWS, Ruby on Rails, Python’s Django framework and others to deliver world class solutions faster than anyone else in the world. Bytelion has designed, built, and delivered disruptive software platforms with startups from NYC to Washington DC.  With an impressive engineering force, the team takes pride in knowing that we have built our brand by consistently delivering top tier value.

In 2014, Bytelion fully embraced the value of design and aesthetics in our interfaces as key elements to our clients’ solution deliverables.  Working with some of the best UI designers in the world, we have developed compelling applications that are being used by Fortune 100 companies, focusing on aesthetics and user experience as well as functionality.

In the best possible way, Bytelion is determined to know our clients’ industry. We pride ourselves with our ability to make industry relevant recommendations. We value our ability to see the world through the lens of your company.