So you are starting a new business or maybe a new product line for your company. You know that time is ticking and you need to get your product out in front of customers soon. It’s a pretty daunting task that requires answering some challenging, time-consuming questions. You wonder, Where should you sell? Who should you sell to? And how will they find your product?


There’s a strong likelihood that these questions have been tormenting you, and you probably have completed a little research on competitors to find these answers in your branding strategy. I understand how hard it is to come up with a concrete solution when there are so many variables. But you need clarity to make your business successful, so how do you find the answer to these questions? Research, research, research, and more research! More specifically, user research. To discover who your customers are, where they will buy your product, and how they will find it, you need to know what your customers like, what kind of lives they lead, and what drives them to purchase.

So what’s the solution?

Customer Personas! They help you define and target the right audience for your product or business so you can focus on what matters to your clients. This will lead to a better product, better sales, and a bigger profit!

What are Customer Personas?

Customer personas are made up of research of various attributes of actual individuals which are condensed into a fictitious representation. It may seem odd that a persona is a fictional representation of a person to rather than a real person, but it allows you to empathize with your whole demographic instead of only one customer.

Benefits to Using a Persona:
  • The Customer’s needs and wants become clear
  • Provides a benchmark for your team to fall back on when questions arise
  • Marketing content can be relatable to the goals and needs of our customers
  • When going to design and build your product or business, you know what your customers desire from a product
  • It can tie into the why or what for any aspect of your business

What to Research:

  • Demographics
  • User Behavior
  • The User’s Goals
  • User Needs
  • User Frustrations
  • Related Skills

Those are the main points of what you need to know about your customers, but you may want to know more, depending on your product. For example, if your product is a mobile app, you need to understand not only the technical skills of your users but the phones they use and how often they use them. To learn how to research and build a customer persona, Hubspot has a great article with a template you can download.

Customer Persona Example:


Brainstorming valuable ideas can only truly happen if your team understands the customers and the problem you are solving.  If you put in the time to research your customers and figure out what motivates them, you generate incredible insight. Customer Personas will give you and your team the ability to answer questions about your business because you will have a better understanding of your clients. When it comes to customer personas, it really is the more you know.

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