How I Passed Scrum Master Certification

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Work in progress as of 3 June 2018… please don’t judge yet

Bother to become scrum certified with First and foremost, I believe in self reliance and not needing to go through “a course”.  Secondly, going through a certification process forces you to get uncomfortable and challenge what you know.  If you aren’t familiar with vs scrum alliance, please check out our previous article to see why I chose

I have been through training years ago and ran several projects with ease.  I sat down and took this assessment after spending $150.

My Results

Name PSM I
Description Professional Scrum Master I Assessment

Thank you for taking the PSM I Assessment. We regret that you did not receive the minimum passing score of 85%. An e-mail contining your score will be sent to you.

Your result has been recorded and you can safely close your browser or return to by clicking the button below.

Scrum on, Ken Schwaber

57 points scored (or 71.3%) out of 80 maximum points

(a score of 85.0% or greater is needed to pass this test)

From Failure To Success

As a minor perfectionist, my first reaction was to go through the normal steps of failing.  Blame, sadness, self loathing, angry, and then acceptance.  This cycle took about 2 minutes and now I have to solve it.  But what is the best way to do that?  Read.

All Hail Chandini Paterson!

I have never met Chandini Paterson per se, but I loved one of his posts where he outlined what he studied to pass the certification test in a community forum.  I am going to outline those steps and put some time to them.  His study technique was as follows:

– Reading the Scrum Guide and understanding the concepts
– Taking the Scrum Open assessments.

Time Boxing Prep Work – The Plan

One of the most important things you can do is put a plan in place to execute.  Following the book “Deep Work”, am going to block off every morning for 90 minutes a day starting at 5am.  In 2 weeks time, I should be able to get in 10×1.5 minutes = 15 hours of prep time.  This seems a little extreme, but getting this certification would make that all the more worthwhile. The other options is to spend 4 hours commuting back and forth over two 9 hour days for a total of 22 hours.

The Scrum Guide

You can download it from either Bytelion or

Total Pages = 19.  Total read time = ?


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