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For both startups and enterprises alike, it is common for companies to outsource their software development needs to teams abroad. The draw of these teams is that they can offer their skills at a lower price. However, is cost-cutting worth losing the multitude of benefits from being in close proximity to your development team? The opportunity to hire a domestic development team is key to future success and growth of your company. 

Look No Further than Your Own Backyard

The United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few years promoting STEM programs in public education.  We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of tech experts, including software developers. Baltimore, specifically, is ranked 5th in the top 10 cities for growing startups in the US by Forbes. When it comes to cost, companies might cite that offshore development shops are more affordable. However, there is data to support the fact that the gap between foreign and domestic development prices is decreasing

Advantages of Domestic Software Development

  1. Reduced Development Time When you work with a domestic developer, it is less likely that you will run into frequent roadblocks or errors in code.  By being able to clearly communicate with your development team on a continual basis, the time to market for your software is decreased significantly.  Both parties are able to easily share ideas and iterations without delay. If you work with Byte.lion, we strive to be reachable any time of day. Using tools such as Slack allows us to constantly engage and address the issues our customers face. We want our customers to be in constant communication with our staff  for them to feel confident in our work.  We also want them to have constant input and understanding of the work being done.Why Hire Domestic Software Blog Embedded Image. Development team with computers around a table.
  2. Hands On Attention When you work with a domestic development team, you areable to put a face to the names.  Rather than feeling disconnected from people that live on the other side of the world, you are able to collaborate with your developers through face to face or online interaction. This allows you to have greater rapport with the team, and can spur more fruitful collaboration. Byte.lion begins projects with a face-to-face on-boarding session to establish priorities, finalize a meeting cadence, and introduce your team to our team. An offshore development group cannot provide the hands-on resources that a domestic company can. 
  3. Higher Quality Work– Domestic software developers are aware that their offshore counterparts are cheaper.  This simple fact drives them to work harder to prove their value. Domestic developers are also groomed in the top software companies and educational programs in the world. This allows them to apply a plethora of skills and knowledge to your project. 

The Choice is Clear

While offshore development may seem great in theory, domestic development can be more effective in practice.  At Byte.lion, we take pride in our US-based staff.  We feel that it sets us apart from competitors and allows us to do our job more effectively.  We are fiercely dedicated to providing superiorly designed products while including the customer in every step of the process.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help you today, please visit our website or contact us here.


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