Bytelion offers a unique set of capabilities for applying GIS to your business practices. Gain greater insights using contextual tools to visualize and analyze your data. Collaborate with others and share your insights via apps, reports, and dashboards

GIS Business Intelligence

Unlocking the power of location increases the value and accuracy of your Business Intelligence. Visualize your data to uncover the trends and reveal the patterns that are critical to your business decisions. Understand the context of your marketspace and realize tangible benefits to grow the profitability of your organization.

Location Services

Empowering your data through web-based location services extends the impact, reach and influence of your organization. Connecting with your customers through web-based applications and services is efficient and direct. Leveraging this approach enables the synthesis of data, visualizations, and analytics across the entirety of your enterprise.

Cloud-based GIS Data Analytics

Integrating vast repositories of geospatial data extends the scope of analysis and logistics beyond the boundaries of traditional geospatial processing. By implementing a cloud-based GIS strategy, workflows are possible that take advantage of multi-CPU parallel processing to produce better results and faster speeds.

Transportation (GIS-T)

Optimizing route planning and vehicle tracking capabilities saves cost and increases efficiency. Our geospatial team has the experience and expertise to help you navigate your organization’s transportation planning and mapping needs. Our deep expertise is GIS-T enables our clients to build end-to-end enterprise solutions that solve the logistics problems facing their organizations. Our background includes:

  • Developing Automated Vehicle Location applications for use in Computer Aided Dispatch environments (CAD/AVL).
  • Developing automated routing solutions for delivery fleets.
  • Building intelligent street network datasets.
  • Creating geocoding applications and datasets for address location.

Asset Management

Understanding and properly managing your organization’s infrastructure maintenance practices is key to maximizing the return on your investment and extending the life cycle of your assets. By performing and tracking maintenance activities at strategic points in an asset’s life cycle, the service life and performance may be extended, increasing your return on investment and reducing the risk of failure. Bytelion can guide you through the processes of implementing, customizing, and maintaining an Asset Management System to meet your organization’s objectives. These processes include:

  • Developing and maintaining a geospatial asset registry in GIS.
  • Mapping current maintenance processes.
  • Customizing work orders and work requests to match your organization’s approach.
  • Integrating your Asset Management System with other applications within your enterprise.

Pipelines and Utilities

Maintaining the integrity of your pipeline system requires an accurate and up to date geospatial dataset. Leverage our team’s expertise and experience developing GIS data and applications for use in pipeline integrity management programs, right-of-way delineation, and construction planning. Accuracy and diligence is paramount for ensuring regulatory compliance. An integrity management program that is informed by GIS empowers decision makers to prioritize their maintenance schedules and make informed choices. Bytelion’s expertise in pipeline GIS includes:

  • Linear Referencing Systems
  • PODS and APDM
  • Alignment Sheet automation
  • Right-of-way mapping
  • Integrity Management
  • HCA identification and analysis
  • Data Collection and Feature Location Mapping

Our Process

Harness the power of your enterprise’s geospatial data to make more informed business decisions.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have transformed the way spatial data, relationships and patterns in the world are able to be interactively queried, processed, analyzed, mapped, modeled, visualized, and displayed for an increasingly large range of users, for a multitude of purposes. GIS is advancing the accuracy of decision making and increasing the reach of organizations.

Organizations may grasp the value of GIS and understand the complexity and challenges of contending with data gaps, large data variances, and most importantly, incorrect data. Additionally, there is an ocean of data out there about GIS solutions.  With 8 major solution providers, 18 minor solution providers, and a never ending list of specialty plugins and various programs, it can be difficult to determine how to start and move forward with your team.

For these reasons, we developed the “Bytelion GIS Gold Standard” methodology, which is specially designed to help you to streamline your processes and drive value.  

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The Bytelion 4-stage “GIS Gold Standard” methodology

GIS Process Diagram
GIS Sample DC Google Earth Screenshot

1. Set Business Goals

Before we start down technical discussions, we listen to your needs to understand your vision and goals for with your specific GIS data target. Our targeted workflow follows these simple steps to help us get a clear picture of your geospatial goals.

  • Define who the end user is and what they would like to do in the most plain language possible.
  • Quantify company success goals in writing.
  • Research the problem to find how others have solved it.
  • Conduct interviews of company members that will be users or otherwise part of the solution.
  • Generate a high level development roadmap.
  • Engage company leadership with the plan and operations.

2. Preparation

Our team conducts a deep dive to evaluate your geospatial data and enterprise architecture. Our goal for this phase is to generate a detailed plan to execute from. The steps involved in this process include:

  • Developing a high level architecture to aid cross team communication.
  • Identify and quantify your current operational flows of GIS data.
  • Sourcing new forms of geospatial data if needed.
  • Examine your company’s existing technical systems to look for compatibility.
  • Rapid modeling of data to check from integrity and consistency.
  • Technology selection to include GIS user interfaces, GIS application servers, and database packages.
  • Refine the development roadmap.

3. Execute

Our GIS team customizes each approach based on your specific needs using an agile software methodology for continuous development. We utilize off the shelf solutions in addition to custom builds depending on the client’s unique situation. The results are an efficiently built and delivering incrementally.  Our teams are:

  • Lead by an industry professional
  • Complete with Quality Assurance professionals
  • Utilize continuous delivery
  • Follow best practices
  • Are hardened to ensure high fidelity


4. Utilize and Enhance

Nothing lets you know how well your system is performing for you and your clients as actual real world use. Once in use we monitor activity and prepare for the next iteration and raise the bar in terms of the insights gained from your new system.

  • Utilize new knowledge to create new goals and plans for the future.
  • Take a fresh look at goals, metrics, tools, test plans, & operational procedures.
  • Everything can be improved and optimized. We are good, but nothing is perfect the first time.
  • Automation of time consuming manual tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main pain this is going to solve for me?
We enable your team to stay focused on what matters, your business.  By offloading some of the non-domain specific work, we allow your teams to focus on what matters.

How do I know if this is for me?
If your organization can benefit from knowing and applying geographic information to your business needs, then this is for you.

When should I implement this methodology?
We will assist you in assessing your GIS needs and optimal time for implementation.  If the time isn’t right or there is a much easier way to solve your problem, we are happy to help.

OK, but how do I make sure I don’t over-engineer my applications?
We will work with you to ensure that you are aware of all available solutions in addition to going over the pros and cons of shorter term vs longer term solutions.

What type of organizations is this for?
Any organization that can benefit form the use of GIS data.

What if I’m a bigger company?
We understand that larger companies have many groups and goals. We ensure a seamless integration into your current projects and workflows. Our team is super big on constant communication, friendliness, and doing the hard work.

Besides building a single GIS application, what else can your company do?

A sample of our services include: Data Analysis, Topological Modeling,Geometric Networks, Hydrological Modeling, Cartographic Modeling, Map Overlay, Geostatistics, Address Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Data Output, Asset Management and Cartography

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    Andy McCallum

    Andy McCallum

    CTO / GIS

    Over 20 years of software development experience. Experience includes working with government agencies at Federal, County, and Municipal levels as well as working with fortune 500 level firms. Project work includes enterprise asset management, geospatial application development, mobile data collection, and logistics optimization. Well versed in C#, Javascript, Python, API development, ArcGIS and web-service implementation.