Bytelion offers a unique set of capabilities for understanding your business goals, users, and software design needs. User Experience Design is the core structure of any business or product, providing transparency and insight into the structure and scope of the product. Focusing on the ‘Why’ before making any moves up front allows for you to make better business decisions down the road. UX applies to every aspect and process from discovery and research to user testing and final launch.

Business Analysis Consulting

Our team uncovers all of the unknowns to create transparency for the stakeholders and team in order to build a clear path for the future of the project.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Business Requirements
  • User Requirements
  • Features & Functionality List
  • Ethnography

Data Analysis & Research

We’re keen analysts, collecting data to validate all our initial thoughts and ideas or to inform us that we need to pivot and change direction.

  • Competitive Audit
  • Expert insights
  • Technical Assessment
  • User Research

UX for the Enterprise

Our expert team knows how to navigate the sometimes troubling waters for internal critical enterprise projects. With experience across multiple organizations, our team excels at:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Enterprise Customer-driven design
  • Enterprise UX roadmap strategy and tracking

Lightweight Design Structure

We work with all variables of the project to determine the initial architecture and flow of the project.

  • Controlled Brainstorming
  • Information Architecture
  • User Flows
  • Content Strategy

Full Visual Design

From wireframing, to logo design, bring life to project while keeping you in the loop with design meetings for iteration.

  • Paper Prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Product Personality
  • Micro-interactions

Testing & Evaluation

Using tools to analyze user data and getting direct feedback from users we adapt the design to function and flow in the best way possible for the user, eliminating bugs, and reducing user errors.

  • Usability Tests
  • A/B Testing
  • Data Synthesis
  • Google Analytics

Our Process



Hold interviews and brainstorming meetings to better understand user and business needs and goals.


In-depth competitive analysis, user research, and technical exploration to provide thorough data reports insights.


Producing user flows and original approach with new data to confirm and align timeline, scope, and features list of the project.


Developing the product skeleton and initial structure to create a strong foundation off which to build upon.


UI design comes into play here, we are developing the functionality and personality of the product, from fonts to transitions.


User testing is king during this phase since feedback is key to affirming the design is a great experience for users.



Bytelion's UX Design Process

Frequently Asked Questions


What is UX?

User experience is the process in which customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ease of use are improved through a deeper understanding of the business and its users.


How will UX design help solve my business or product problems?

UX design focus is to improve the experience for your business, product, and users, so when a problem is presented it is the UX designers job to research, understand and come up with creative solutions that will benefit your business’ overall experience and solve immediate issues.


What is Bytelion’s UX design process?

Our process is flexible to fit the needs of our clients, but typically follows a series of ‘Discovery & Understanding’, ‘Ideation’, ‘Creation’, and ‘Evaluation’. For a more in-depth view of our process, view our process above.


How does UX design fit into Agile development?

UX design does not work well in a waterfall approach, so using a development methodology such as Agile works much better for the designers and team. Designing in agile means that you are constantly working with the team to improve and iterate on the design, based on new data from user feedback and business goals.  


When should I hire a UX designer for my project?

As soon as you can! In a perfect world, you will bring in a UX designer as soon as your project began, however, we understand that you may not have been aware of the benefits of having and UX expert on your team, or your budget did not allow for it. UX designers are proficient at discovering your needs and goals at any point in the development process and can work with your team to understand what your goals are for the improvement of your business.


What if I only want to use some of Bytelion’s design services?

Good news! Since UX is a process, not a phase, so we can apply the same UX philosophies to any aspect of your project at any time.

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Marc Hausle

Marc Hausle

UX Lead

I have a passion for Product & UX Design. I enjoy making experiences and processes the best they can be. With each new challenge I face, I learn and grow through research and collaboration. I am excited to bring my unique knowledge and experience to your product and create excellent experiences for your users.