The acronym “UX” is frequently thrown around in the design world, but how many people know what it actually means? UX, short for user experience, focuses on the overall experience of the customer on a website or application.  UX isn’t limited to the technology realm, but it applies to a wide variety of industries.  Every time you notice a slight change in the ease of navigation or a more concise message on a site, you can likely thank a UX Designer! So, how can UX help your business?

It’s More Than Design

Aesthetics are important to the appeal of a finished product, but there is so much more to UX than what meets the eye.  In today’s cluttered internet environment, it is not enough to just be visually appealing or innovative. Our goal is to create individualized solutions that meet your needs- even ones you didn’t know you had- through an interactive user experience.  Your site should be a consistent representation of your brand, you have to think beyond what appears on the screen to understand how people will actually use it.

Try to Be Intuitive

Professionals in the industry know that great design doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s the culmination of research, strategy, technology and human innovation, that ultimately hinges on our ability to anticipate users’ needs! At its core, UX is about solving problems and delivering the results to users!

Even if an app or site is created with a flawless user flow, we must anticipate the possibility that some people won’t use it the way we intended. In this scenario, adaptability is key.  We enjoy cultivating a diverse team with varying approaches to UX for that exact reason! Utilizing many unique perspectives allow us to identify the necessary user research, conduct proper usability testing and modify designs accordingly before we even release an app!

Always Ready for Improvement

UX design doesn’t stop once an app becomes available to the public.  Since engagement thrives on good UX, we have to be ready to address any potential user issues that could arise. Regardless if the problem is in regards to coding or user understanding, remember user experience is all about engagement! The app can be incredibly innovative, but if it isn’t user friendly clients will not be impressed.  When you work with a full-service firm like Bytelion, we maintain and improve your interface on an ongoing basis. Therefore, you have one less thing to worry about.

Hopefully, now you understand a little more about why UX is so important in the world of app development. If you’d like to learn more about how we can tailor this concept to your business, please contact us directly!

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